Friday, July 9, 2010


Leaving Piksämäki for Töysä I caught a train, trasfering in Jyväskylä before heading to Ähtäri where I would catch a cab to Töysä.

Ariving in Jyväskylä after a short 30-40 minutes travel time I heaved my 20+ kg suitcase down the three steps onto the platform, and took a look at the arivals/departures. Feeling a bit nervous about catching the right train I waited. About 10 minutes later, a train arrived at the platform I had just come from. I didn't think it was my connection because it was 10 minutes early, luckily however I checked the train number, which was the same as on my ticket. Lugging all my luggage back up three steep narrow steps (and catching my shin rather badly on one of them), I swore inwardly while looking for a seat.

You know you are heading for the country when you board a diesel train, and the continuous rail system dissapears, leaving you with the clickity click clickity click of segmented rail. However, after a very satisfactory rest accompanied by the never ending playlist of my Mp3 player I was in Ähtäri, a mere 10-15 minutes from Töysä.

Ähtäri Train Station

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