Monday, July 5, 2010


Finally leaving Helsinki behind (for now), I made for the town of Pieksämäki.

Pieksämäki is about three and a half hours, by train, from Helsinki, and is within the boundaries of the electrictrified rail network, so you can count on a smooth trip, and a resturant carriage.

Arriving almost exactly on time (11:42, one minute late), I began my tour of the town (after first being cooked lunch by a friend (bacon and eggs on piirakka (a rice or mashed potato filled savoury pastry (YUM!)))).

Like most towns/cities that I have visited in Finland, Pieksämäki has all the usual attributes; a Marimekko store, at least 3 small supermarkets, a market square, a Hess Burger, a pizza place (RECOMENDED!), and of course, lakes and trees aplenty.

Aside from the usual Pieksämäki boasts the privalige of the Moilas baked goods factory. On the day I visited it was 26 degrees celcius, oi.

Here are a collection of their various treats...

My constant companion these last few weeks, the sun.

A veiw from the overpass, above the railway lines.

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