Friday, July 9, 2010


Fazer is Finland's most reconisable chocolate company. The brand was started in 1891 in Helsinki by Karl Fazer, since then is has expanded internationally and is recognized under 13 different brands. As well as making chocolate, Fazer also produces bread and pastries. The kind that one might try at the market place in Helsinki, or while visiting Soumenlinna...

Fazer has a 33 euro-cent range that includes the following,

Geisha original. Milk chocolate with a soft hazelnut filling.
Verdict: Delicious, but nothing amazing, reminds me of Nutella and Ferrero Rocher.

Geisha Dreamy Caramel. Milk chocolate with truffle crisp filling.
Verdict: Good, but uninspired rehash of the caramel chocolate combo.

Fazerina original. Milk chocolate with orange flavoured truffel.
Verdict: Orange and chocolate is a, some-times food.

Fazerina Caramel. Milk chocolate with truffel filling.
Verdict: same as Geisha Caramel.

JIM. Milk chocolate with fruit foam filling.
Verdict: If at first you don't agree, try, try again. Peculiar and addictive.

Da-Capo. Dark chocolate with dark chocolate truffel filling.
Verdict: Super rich, make sure you have a glass of milk on hand to tackle this diminutive beast.

Susu. Milk chocolate with rice crisps and caramel.
Verdict: Possibly the best of the three caramel and chocolate excursions on the list.

Pätkis. Mint truffel covered with milk chocolate.
Verdict: This is and always has been my favourite, so I am a little biased.., I bought 6 times as many of them in the same transaction. The soft mint truffel is almost refreshing until you get to the last bite, then you need more.

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