Monday, July 5, 2010

Culture Centres, Pieksämäki

Kulttuuripappila Sylvi is, as I understand, housed in the former rectory of the local church. It serves as a rehersal space for local theater productions, informal museum, cafe, and art exhibition space. When I visited there was a show by Finnish painter, Marianna Uutinen, born locally and now living and working in the capital.

I hope she won't mind me posting a few photos of her work.

Award winning Finnish nature Photographer Antti Leinonen also had an exhibit. I hope he doesn't mind me posting photos either...

On the same day I also visited Poleeni, The Pieksämäki Cultural Centre.

Designed by Kristian Gullichsen in the 1980s, the more modern culture centre houses a library, theatre, cafe, and exhibition spaces. The current exhibition, with works by three artists; Seppo Kalliokoski, Matti Kurkela, and Kari Kärkkäinen, had a wood working theme.

Matti Kurkela

Kari Kärkkäinen

Seppo Kalliokoski

Many of the works had the names of the artists carved into them, which I found questionable and distracting... However, that's just my opinion

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