Monday, December 6, 2010

Not long now

Time is quickly running out, soon the military adventures will end and all I will have are memories.

Not soon enough, however.

Starting in the summer months with clement weather and a more positive attitude it seems as though things have been going down hill recently. Enjoyment, or at least the ability to willfully ignor the less than agreeable circumstances has been ebbing. As time passes and the weather gets colder the end of this six month stint in the Defence Forces cannot hurry along quick enough.

But, before the end can pass, there is still about four weeks and one five day war simulation to traverse.

Judging from my experience in the last three camps It will not be a cake walk. All three camps have taken place in below 0 temperatures with a bonus of either rain, snow, or both. The most recently conquered camp took place in a consistant 20-30cm of light fluffy snow, which I have since learned is like walking on dry sand. At first it is deceptively easy to trudge through it, it weighs next to nothing and weilds to a snow boot easilly. But try keep pace up a shallow slope, or a grainite hill and the constant slipping makes you feel as though you are moving two steps forward one step back. Mixed with the already heavy equipment, the inability for our 'snow suit' to resist waster, GIANT winter gumboots, and the snow getting inside your rifle melting, refreezing and jamming the machinery everytime you have to dive onto the ground and you will understand that the snow is not your friend.

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