Monday, December 6, 2010

In other news

Winter has arrived (a few weeks back actually) and the people aren't pleased.

I am though (just not during service time!).

Winter has come, quite early it seems, leaving me with no doubt of a white Christmas. So far Seasonal Affective Disorder has not taken hold of me, except during service time, though that might be because of a few other factors... I have been walking, sledding, and building snow people every chance I get. The excitement of finding it's snowing still hasn't worn off either, and is usually followed by the proclamation, 'it's snowing'.

Note: regressing to childlike state of mind while surounded by snow will keep you so warm you won't realise that it's -20 until you colapse from exaustion. This is not necessarily a suggestion.

An example of the above behavior..

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