Saturday, October 2, 2010

We go marching on and on, hoorah!

Instead of a weekend we got a march.

Carrying a 20kg bag of plaster has never been a particular strain, however, I have never before ventured to walk, sometimes run, for 10+ km with a bag of plaster. Esentially that is what the march was, though I think 30-5 kgs would be a more accurate guess as to the weight of the combined equipment.

It started much the same way that the camp did, pulling on complete combat equipment before reporting outside to make sure our ballistics vest is fitted with front and rear bullet proof plates. Then on to the basement to collect equipment, and then take it up to be be checked and counted.
Our group has been picked to take four landmines and two camoflage sheets. We pack the equipment into the amphibious Armoured Personal Carriers, then we are off. We are dropped off somwhere and then have to get back to the garrison.

It didn't take long before my back was aching. My spine felt very compressed and my XL ballistics vest was all too apparently too big for me. We marched and marched, with a 5 or 10 break every now and then.

Relief finally came in the form of a familiar landmark, and while I knew how far we still had to walk, knowing your way is enough to shine some light on the end.

After making it bake to base we had about 5 minutes to get changed for lunch, which turned out to be dinner as well.

Altogether a rather lousy weekend!

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