Sunday, August 1, 2010


(essentially it means weekend leave. Viikon-the weeks, loppu- end/finish, vapaa-holiday. Or at least that's how I understand it)

To be able to leave for the weekend we must be clean shaven, hair (on our head) must not touch our ears, and our boots must pollished to the highest shine they are capable of reaching.

When we are on leave and travelling to or from the base in our uniform we must wear is correctly, no matter how hot or cold the climate. While outside we wear a berret with the lion mark over the left eye so that there is three fingerspaces of head visable over the left ear, two fingerspaces of forhead visable over the left eye, one over the right and the right ear is almost completely covered.

We must also wear our leave uniform, consisting of pants tucked into black leather boots and a jacket with the zip done up to the top, the snaps all snapped closed, the collar folded down, and the waist sinched. On the left arm we have the Finnish flag, and the gold on red Tykistöprikaati lion mark. On the right chest we have our last name. All our personal luggage is packed inside a standard issue army green duffel bag.

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