Sunday, August 22, 2010

I see red

It's been berry season here this last month or so and my tongue, teeth, and fingertips have yet to regain their normal colour.

My hunting began on a trip to the family summer cottage. I was wondering around with little to do when I spotted a little red near a hedge, careful not to lose sight of it I moved closer to find it was a very small, very red strawberry. I picked it and ate it and proceeded to do nothing else until I had eaten all in sight.

Similar to the wild strawberries than I've found in my backyard back home in shape and size, they are as dissimilar in flavour as possibly comprehensable. Perhaps a bit of a statement, however, while the ones back home are bland and watery, the ones I've found here are so rich with strawberry flavour that the smell carries metres. FACT. While walking to the soldiers home (sotko) a couple weeks ago I smelt strawberries, and couldn't think why until I spotted a few growing on the side of the path, only the restraint of my dignity kept me from diving head long into the middle of them.

Later I discovered blueberries growing like weeds while in the forrest training to plant mines, throw grenades etc. Suffice to say my purple stained fingers quickly betrayed my ill attention. On another occasion in the same forrest we were asked (read: told) to help retrieve a missing hand grenade, solid metal, not live... It took the time of a very cursory search before I changed my attentions to a more profitable and delicious end.

Weekend leave about two weeks back brought with it the opportunity of picking raspberries, On arrival the prospect of finding any looked fairly bleak. However, once you get started, and put on your raspberry eyes you can't stop seeing them. I ate as much as I collected and still ended up with about a litre or two. My berry picking partner, more fastidious and much more restrained, came away with about 3 times as much as I did.

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