Sunday, August 1, 2010

10, 5, 1

At some stage we were told that there are three markers before a particular event, such as meal times, the first is at 10 minutes prior. At this time you are expected to take care of any human needs, fill your drink bottle etc. At five minutes you should be back in your room making sure your locker is locked windows are closed and that you look the part of a soldier (this means tucking everything in; shirt into pants, pants into boots, laces into boots, we usually wear running shoes though (with laces tucked in of course)). Then when the one minute notice is called one person must dash to the door open it 90 degrees and stand against it in asento ('attention', with feet touching at the heels and in a 'V' shape, wide enough that you could fit both fists side by side in between the gap). The rest of the occupants must stand still and silent in a line, with the head of the line standing at attention in the doorway, and the rest staning as ease behind (the lights must be turned off too, unless someone is staying in the room). Then the information officer will direct people to open the doors at the end of the corridor, and once the last minute is up we are advised to 'mars mars' (run) as fast as we can down two flights of stairs and out two narrow doors into marching formation outside our dormatory building, while remembering to put our cap on the moment we get outside. Somtimes (always) they don't think we did it fast enough, or they thought people were talking or fidgiting so we have to do it all again from the minute mark.

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