Friday, June 25, 2010

While the cats away...

I'm still here in Helsinki while everyone else has gone away to their summer cottages in the countryside for Midsummer celebrations. Well not everyone.

Though the streets are much quieter where I am now (the suburbs), earlier this morning the city center was bustling, especially the market place. So, after completing the full circuit of the 3T tram I dropped by the markets and enjoyed a sugar doughnut with apple in the center, and a cup of coffee. The doughnut was saturated in ungoodness which made it particuraly crispy and delicious, and the coffee was, ok...

I also had a look through the less transitory market, a lovely brick building also on the waters edge.

In the background on the right is an Alvar Aalto office building, with the Uspenski Cathedral poking out the top of it.

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