Thursday, June 24, 2010

A walk in the park

The last few days have been sunny and warm (in the 20s C.), the birds are singing, and the Helsinki residents are comming out of their scandinavian modernist inspired 1990's appartments.
Instead of trekking to the city, lugging along a bag full to the brim with the trappings of your average tourist, I have been joining them for some sun and sea air in a local park.

This building, now a museum (open on sundays), is situated in the more formal part of the park surrounded by geometric gardens, and other period buildings.

I think this building was originally a storehouse.

As you walk further away from the Empire style (I think) gardens and buildings the park becomes much more relaxed. With lots of winding paths confusing direction, It's easy to get a bit lost, several times now I have found my way back to where I started without intention, cursing under my breath I turn around and try again.

The less formal but still ruggedly manicured side of the park makes for great walking (5 times and counting), jogging (4 times and counting), or biking(0 times, whump whaaa). It is filled with lots of wild groupings of birch surrounded by natural hedges of stinging nettles (Great!), and lots of benches and grassy areas to picnic in.

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