Thursday, June 24, 2010

Incident on the number 3B tram.

While sitting on the tram the other day, taking in the sites, I was rudely interupted by a Mercedes ploughing into the side of the carriage. You can read for yourself below... If you can read Finnish.

This is a Google translation. A bit choppy but there you go...

Tram and car traffic collision jumitti the middle of Helsinki

Passenger and 3B-line tram kolaroivat the center of Helsinki at half past seven on Tuesday evening. Collision occurred Punavuori rink Street and Frederick Street junction. Passenger Rail turned to street directly in front of the tram, but survived the accident without injuries. Collision crowded intersection, incomplete pouleksi hours. Police arrived to direct traffic.
The car was not the driver but the passengers. Tram rails remained, but was transported for repair depot method.

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